Sunday, February 21, 2010

May Family Pictures

We took some family pictures, while Jesse's family was here and they turned out pretty good. Jesse did have to do some editing on the one with everyone in it. It is just two hard to get that many people to all look good at the same time.

The girls
The boys

The girls in our Yellowstone hoodies from Sarah.
The whole family.

Alyssa's b-day

We celebrated Alyssa's birthday twice, neither time was actually on her birthday. I wanted to make her a Candy Land cake, but I thought it would be best used if both Jesse's family and my family were able to partake of the awesome-ness. Plus I got help from Alyssa's wonderful, artistic aunts.

Here is Alyssa helping out with her cake.

The finished product.
Blowing out the candles.

We were going to invite Alyssa's friend Parker over for some cupcakes on her actual birthday (he was out of town when we had the cake), but Jesse was sick and we didn't want to pass around germs. We celebrated it on the Saturday after and I started to feel sick right before our friends showed up. Luckily we didn't get anyone sick and Alyssa and Parker really enjoyed their cupcakes.

Three months and poop!

Here is Brianna at 3 months old.

And this is the kind of mess Brianna creates. This is really gross, but I just had to document it. At the time this was pretty big, but it seems like she has a blow out like this almost every week. She must drink a lot of milk because she is a big girl and she poops a lot. She usually has 5 blow outs a week! Most of them are smaller than this one.