Sunday, June 6, 2010

Swimming, Trip to Oklahoma, Etc.

We recently got a new camera, so we seem to be taking more pictures. The internet is working on the computer we keep all our pictures on, so I don't have an excuse anymore not to blog.

Brianna loves red beans & rice! :)
Alyssa loves ice cream. This reminds me of her Aunt Shelly :)

Brianna loved wearing Alyssa's shoes. She thought the laces were so cool.

Getting ready to swim!!

The girls L.O.V.E. swimming. The first time was rough, but this time they got the hang of it.

Playing with a box.
My cousin, Andrew, who is about 8 months younger than me passed away a week and a half ago. He has been fighting brain tumors since he was 8. We drove up to Oklahoma last Sunday so that we could attend the funeral. Many tears were shed, but it was fun to be able to spend time with family. Andrew is such a great example to me and it is definitely a lot easier knowing that families are forever and I can see him again someday.
Trying out the headphones on the way to Oklahoma.

I had to make the 8 hour car ride fun somehow :)

Sister sword fights.

More swords.

While we were in Oklahoma, I got to meet up with one of my really great friends, Kyla. It was so nice to see her again and get to talk for a while.
Great Granddad with all of the great grandkids that were there.

This is what we came home to: a huge cucumer and summer squash. We actually had 3 quite large cucumbers, but this was the biggest. It didn't taste very good though; I think it was too big.

Brianna's daily ritual of pulling all of the movies out of the TV stand.