Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Past Couple Months

I know, I know, I have been terrible about updating the blog. I had lots of pictures to put up, but I didn't have the right cord for the camera and I figured it would be easier to put the pictures on our own computer. Once we got moved into our house, we've just seemed to be really busy. I started this post over a week ago and haven't had a chance to finish. I don't know how we did it when we were in school. I stay at home and feel like I don't have time to do anything. Maybe I'll catch up eventually. Here are some pictures that are pretty old now. I'll have to do another post soon with some more pictures.

Since we didn't actually attend graduation, we figured we ought to atleast get pictures in the gowns. Thanks to Tawna for letting us borrow your gowns and taking our pictures for us. We appreciate it.

Somehow Alyssa came up with the idea of using my hair as her moustache. She would pull my hair up to her face and say look at my moustache. I helped her for the pictures.

Both of us with moustaches.

For playgroup, we went to a children's museum. We went with Sarah and Parker G. and Collin came with us as well. This was the first ward playgroup that we went to and we never found anyone in our ward there.
Alyssa playing in the sand at the children's museum. The kids had a great time and didn't want to leave. I needed lunch so I finally got them to go.
Alyssa swimming in the new pool that grandma D. got for her. It even has a cool slide. I think this pool helped her warm up to the idea of swimming again because before she got in her pool she refused to swim in any real pools. She will now swim in real pools again.
Playing with the golf balls in the pool.
This is the bed that Jesse made for Alyssa with Alyssa in it pretending to sleep. He plans on making a second one for the baby. Even though she won't need it for a while, he'll probably make another before his family comes out for Christmas so one of his lucky siblings will be able to sleep in it. Now I just need to find bedspreads for them.
Another project we worked on. I sanded down the bookcase and then Jesse painted it white along with the bed. We have many more projects ahead of us that we have started or will be starting soon. We will have to document them.
I realized that I haven't taken any belly shots. I've been meaning to do this for awhile, but just hadn't done it. This is me at 30 weeks, looking decently big. I'm definitely bigger than I was with Alyssa, but I don't feel huge so that is nice. You can also see the blue paint that we used to paint the family room and kitchen. We also got new couches, but I might wait and take a picture of the family room when it is all done. We definitely have a ways to go. The only room that is pretty much finished is the nursery and it still needs some finishing touches.