Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

I hope all of the mothers out there had a wonderful day today. Things are going great here in Houston. We have been playing Wii a lot since we have some extra time right now. I've also been trying to make monthly meal plans for when we are busy again. I've been going through cook books and picking out the recipes we like. Jesse has been reading a John Grisham book. The weather is getting pretty hot already. It is too bad we can't be here in the winter instead of the summer. The winters here are supposed to be pretty nice. I had an interview for an internship on Wednesday. It sounds like they are going to hire me, but I haven't heard from them yet. Jesse went to the doctor on Wednesday and got a boot to replace his cast. The doctor told him that he could put 30% of his weight on his hurt leg. He could be off crutches in two weeks; the doctor will evaluate how he is doing then. After the summer we are going to be back in Provo and then we will be graduating in April, pretty exciting. If anyone knows of any good housing in Provo opening up in August please let us know. Here are some of the fun things Alyssa has been doing. You may not notice, but Alyssa has Collin's (my little brother) shoes on. These are pretty huge on her, but she likes to put them on because they light up and just because they are shoes and she likes putting any shoes on especially when they aren't hers.

Here is Alyssa posing in the window sill. She really enjoys sitting here. It is the perfect height for her.

Collin also likes to sit in the window sill. I think part of the reason Alyssa likes it is because Collin sits there and she likes to copy Collin. He was hitting himself on the way home from church today, so Alyssa was doing the same.

Here is Alyssa eating ice cream with daddy. She almost looks like Mario to me with her lovely moustache. This picture cracks me up.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

In Houston

Wow, it's been a while since we posted on here. A lot has been going on, from finishing up school work, to finals, to packing, to driving to Houston. There is no way we would have been able to move without the help we received from ward members, thanks so much to any of you who may read this. We have been here over a week now though, and have just been lazy. The weather is nice, it was snowing when we left Provo, and 85 and humid in Houston when we got here. Katie is still hoping that she will get an internship, and I start work on the 19th. I get my cast off in the next week or so. Alyssa is loving the big house with plenty of room to roam, plus stairs to go up and down. She is a little show off, performing for people who ask. She knows around 100 signs now, and so people will ask her words and she will sign them, and then laugh and clap for herself. It was cute for the first 20 times or so. She is still our little cutie though, and people are always commenting on how much she looks like Katie and Katie's little brother. One thing she has loved here is finding Easter candy in closets and all over really, she always seems to find the candy and get it in her mouth. The other day she came out of a bedroom with chocolate all over her face and hands, and with aluminum wrappers in her mouth. I'll post a picture. Overall things are good here.
Moving boxes are so much fun!
Nothing but her shoes and a diaper on. At least she covered her bust line.