Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Alyssa can count to 13!

We haven't posted in a long while, sorry about that. As soon as we got settled in to our apartment, school started and we've been pretty busy ever since. Hopefully I'll do an apartment post later, but I wanted to commemorate this day to Alyssa's counting. For a while now she has been saying 2-3-10, but today we caught her counting to 10. I had to go take a test, but Jesse asked her if she wanted to count with him. She would lead the counting all the way to 13 and then Jesse would lead to 20. When they came to pick me up from my test, we started to count and she didn't want to stop. What a smart little girl. Now we just need to get her to say all her ABCs. She says most of them, but she skips some like e, i, and r. When we get the video camera charged we'll have to get video up of her counting and saying her ABCs.