Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Summer Pictures

Last night we were at walmart and Alyssa and I were walking past the electronics section. I was very pleased when I heard her yell "Ba-Ball" excitedly. She apparently had seen a basketball game on the tvs and was excited about it. That's daddy's girl! Here are some pictures from this summer that we have been meaning to get up. Hope you enjoy, but be warned, viewer discretion is advised on the last picture.

Dad and Alyssa hat shopping.

Looks like we found a couple of hats we liked!

The neighborhood was pretty crazy with a lot of fireworks going on for the 4th, and Alyssa loved them for the 2nd straight year.

Texas is really getting into Alyssa's blood.

She loves that fudgecicle.

Alyssa in her new swimming pool. She really likes to play with about 20 golf balls in there.

She is also able to swing really well, she has a baby swing now, but she can handle the big kid swing on her own too.

So this is the last one, go on if you dare. We were in Ross the other day looking at swim suits for Katie, and we found this little jewel. She wouldn't let me get it for a gag gift, so I had to share it with everyone. Maybe you have seen these, but it is basically a bra for your bum. It keeps it perfectly shaped and firm looking! Hilarious!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Throwback to the old school

Hey, this really is a coincidence, but that last video had an old rap song becuase it was kind of a boxing song. This next one is one that Katie's brother David taught Alyssa, so we had to put it on here. I think it's now her favorite song. Ice Ice Baby!